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My name is Melissa and I’m 16 years old and I’m from Brazil.

I went to Vancouver last year.

Maybe you are reading this because you are planning to go to Vancouver, but you are still not sure about it.  So I hope I can encourage you to go sharing my experience there.

First of all, I went TOTALLY alone. I mean, it was the first time that I was travelling internationally alone. And one important detail is that I was underage. I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous before I enter the plane, but luckly I had a safe flight.

Well, when I got to Vancouver, I was concerned about two things.

First, my homestay, I was nervous about my host Family, if they would like me, if I would get along with them. But at the end of the day, my host was very nice, she has an open mind, she made some delicious meals and her dog was really cute. I have to confess that I was very Lucky to have her as my host.

And the second thing I was concerned about was my school CSLI. I didn’t know if I would have friends and if I would like the school. On My first day of school, I was nervous, but when I enter the school, a lot of staffs were saying Hi to me and I felt comfortable and confident. Then one of the staffs conducted me to take a test to see in which level I was.

I loved the classes, they were Always different and with fun activities that we could Interact with others students. So it was very easy to make friends, because the teachers were Always trying to integrate everyone in the classes.


The teachers were awesome, they were always encouraging everybody to talk in English and to not be afraid of making mistakes, because that’s how you learn English.

During the week we had classes in the school but outside activities too! And on the Fridays there was free activities. Thanks to those Friday Activities, I could spend one day on Whistler, where was one of the most beautiful place I had been to. I could go to grouse grind too and there was a lot of options to do like canoeing, Lynn Valley Hike, Stanley Park, go to the beach… Besides that there was some events, like Brazilian Night, Italian Night or Beach Day.

Melissa1 Melissa2


About making friends, it was not a problem. I swear to you that I’m not good at making friends, but all the students on CSLI were friendly, well, I think every student wants to know about the Country where you came from so as you.

Besides That, CSLI was Always there if you had a complaint about your homestay for example. In addition, remember that all the students are going through a similar situation as yours, so don’t worry about being alone in Vancouver. There will be always someone to talk about your issues or to ask something.

Some people asked me if being underage was a problem about going to places in Vancouver alone, and I don’t think so! Most of the places I wanted to go was not necessary to be over 18 and Vancouver is a safe place and everybody there is friendly in case you get lost! Don’t worry about that!


Well I hope I have helped you somehow!

If you want to know more about my experience, you can send me an e-mail!

Melissa from Brazil

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