CSLI Student testimonial: Angel from China

My name is Angel and I have been at CSLI for over half a year. This school has a lot of friendly people that can help you with any problems you have in your classes and every Friday there are Friday activities where you can choose between going sightseeing at major tourist attractions or taking classes to strengthen your learning. CSLI`s teachers will patiently explain and re-explain questions that you do not understand. Originally, I was really weak with grammar but through the Academic course I achieved great success. Things that I originally didn`t understand suddenly made sense and after I became more outgoing, I stopped worrying about talking to local people and them not understanding me.

Listening is a really interesting course. Although listening to CBC News for homework after the first class is confusing, I would recommend staying committed and continue taking the class for another two weeks—you will find that it really helps your English accuracy. A lot of teachers like to joke about how us students learn two to three languages whereas they only have English, encouraging students and making them feel comfortable. Learning English isn`t completely dependent on all this stuff though, it requires you to constantly practice on your own time to become successful. If at first you don`t understand the English language, you can start with listening to music and watching movies. Of course, subtitles are necessary especially since this will help you improve your English writing skills.

Student Angel and our pathway partner PICA

Student Angel and our pathway partner PICA

我的名字叫Angel,我在CSLI已经学习了半年多。这所学校有很多很友好的人会帮助你解决一些学习上的困难,每周五会有学校activies有出去观赏景点和在校强化学习可以自由选择。CSLI的老师也会很有耐心的给你讲述一遍又一遍你不懂的题目,本来我的最弱点是grammar却在academic课程中受益匪浅,本不明白的东西一下子豁然开朗后在和local people 交谈时也不怕他们听不懂自己在说什么。Listening 是一门很有趣的课程,虽然回家作业需要听CBCnews 第一堂课也会懵,但是我建议坚持上上两个星期的课程你会发现这样非常帮助你的英文水平,很多老师会喜欢开玩笑的说我们学习会有两到三个语言他们却只有一门英语,这样相互鼓励让人很舒服。学习英语也不能完全靠着上过的东西,是需要自己一遍又一遍在私下复习而成功的,如果一开始并不懂得英语是怎么样的一个语言可以从音乐和电影中收获,当然需要有带字幕毕竟这样可以提高自己的拼写水平。

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