Bungee jumping in Whistler

Do you know about bungee jump? Have you ever tried it? If you haven’t tried yet,you can try it at whistler! The place where you jump is a valley that is 13.5km far from whistler village and it takes about 15 minutes by car. Don’t worry! The Stuff brings you to the valley.

As soon as you arrive there, you can enjoy seeing a beautiful view from the bridge. The height is 53m! And there is a river under the bridge so you jump toward the river. Don’t forget to see the view before jumping!

Bungee jumping 2
Price $110 (including transportation, t-shirt) not so expensive. Worth it!

Bungee jumping 1
Bungee jumping 3

Hi,  I’m Yurie. I went to whistler to try bungee jump at Friday’s activity. It was my second time to go there. Bungee jumping was one of my dreams. So when I arrived whistler,I was exited. But when I stood on the bridge,I was scary so much because it was higher than I expected. Finally it’s time to jump. At that time my feeling had changed to be excited ! So I jumped toward the river without hesitation. While I was falling, I couldn’t see the view so much but it was really amazing that I’ve never felt. I can’t explain any more. If you do it, you won’t regret! Next, your turn!

Hi, my name is Debby. I went to Whistler to play the Bungee jumping on Friday’s activity. It was very excited and the view was very spectacular.I am very scared when i was standing on the bridge. It was very high and cold. It is my first time to try like this dangerous activity but i am not regret. I think you have to try the Bungee jumping or you will regret. I really love the view and enjoyed it very much.


By Yurie from Japan & Debbie from Taiwan

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