My Experience at a Football Game

BC Lions Game with Damian

BC Lions Game with Damian

I think almost everybody knows how soccer is a valuable sport in Brazil, and maybe that’s why it isn’t so common to see a Brazilian watching a football game on the TV or see a Brazilian professional football team. This was the reason that made me buy the ticket to see the BC Lions game on November 7th. I thought that would be one of the few opportunities that I would have to watch a football game in a stadium.

I would like to thank the teacher Damian because he explained the rules before the beginning of the game, which helped me to understand it. We arrived at the stadium 20 minutes before the beginning of the match. The stadium was not completely full, but there were more than thirty thousand people watching the game.

Talking about football stadiums, they are a little bit different from the soccer stadiums in Brazil. The biggest difference is that, in football, stadiums are completely covered, but not soccer arenas. However, if you talk about and the rules it is almost impossible to compare the two sports.

The game itself is only an hour long; however, with the many pauses, the game lasted three hours. In these pauses, there were many things that make a football game a little bit different from watching other sports, such as the cheerleaders, many games involving the supporters, and raffles with the chairs’ numbers. This could be a problem to someone who just wants to see the game, and it was the biggest complaint of the people with us who didn’t enjoy the game very much. I didn’t see any problem with the length of the game, though, as some of the games with the fans were kind of cool; and since everything was new to me, those three hours passed quickly.

The supporters were animated, although I think that a goal in a soccer game is better celebrated than a touchdown in a football game. This may be because it is not common to see more than five goals in a soccer match; so, seeing your soccer team scoring is a very good reason to scream for at least 4 minutes. On the other hand, one thing that I think that is better about football fans is the respect that they have for the fans of the rival team. In Brazil, the rivalry between team supporters is huge.

In the end, BC Lions lost the game to Calgary, which is the best team in this season; but I didn’t care because it was still fun. To sum up, I still like soccer, but watching the BC Lions game made me discover another cool sport. I really enjoyed the game and would recommend it to someone else. The biggest problem, however, is the price; for me, it would be a very boring situation to pay 40 dollars to see a game and end up not liking it. In my case, though, I think I converted those forty bucks in three hours of fun, which was worth it.



Flavio – Brazil

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