9 Best restaurants for ESL students in Vancouver

CSLI student Dexter from Taiwan, a self proclaimed “foodie” would like to recommend 10 best restaurants in Vancouver for ESL students! They are inexpensive with great value.


Dear CSLI friends,

I am Dexter. I am a foodie. I had tried a lot of delicious food in Vancouver. This food really, truly, highly, is recommended by my experience. However, every one taste subjectively. I love them, maybe someone doesn’t. Let’s get through them.


Japanese cuisine from Ajisai. Big portion and fresh ingredients.

 1- Ajisai / Japanese
Address: 2081 w. 42nd ave
Hours: 5:00PM ~ 9:30PM

This one is my absolute favorite Japanese restaurant. It offers the freshest seafood. Japanese chefs use their soul to make their masterpiece. Your body becomes all parts of ocean. All seafood is alive in your every cell. I recommend BBQ eel which is the tastiest in the world in my opinion. How do I love this Sushi Bar? I ate the last meal in Vancouver that is Ajisai.



food 2

Indian cuisine from House of Dosas

2- House of Dosas / Indian
Address: 1391 Kingsway
Hours: 11:00PM ~ 2:00AM

It’s Indian cuisine. Even though, it’s not my most favorite one, but it’s the most impressive for me, for sure. When I saw Dosa which is really unique, it look like a short pillar which is about 50 cm. Made from bread which baked to be crispy and smell particularly fragrant and appetizing. How to eat it? I had wondered for a while. Whatever I just open it. I saw some golden being shining. Holy Cow! What stunning Curry food! Of course! It’s very yummy definitely. Be warning someone who doesn’t dare to eat spicy food. Just tell servers, they will offer non-spicy curry.


food 3

Northern Chinese Food from Peaceful Restaurant

3- Peaceful Restaurant / Northern Chinese Food
Address: 532 W. Broadway
Open: 11:00AM ~ 9:30PM

It completely expresses the feature of Northern Chinese food which tastes interesting. According to my observation, many people love their food. Last time, a Canadian guy sat beside me and he said he loved their food a lot. He always comes to eat something good. In addition to my experience, I went there where a lot of people always lined up for one seat. It’s very popular.




South Chinese Food from Sun Sui Wah – Seafood Restaurant

4- Sun Sui Wah / South Chinese Food
Address: 3888 Main Street

Dim Sum is a kind of traditional and popular Chinese food.
Actually, except Sun Sui Wah, Kirin seafood restaurant and Fisherman’s Terrace seafood restaurant are also famous. Unfortunately, I just had been to Sun Sui Wah.
It has two period of time to offer different food. Lunch time when it’s at 10:30AM ~ 3:00PM is Dim Sun time. You can order many kinds of Dim Sum, including seafood, meat, or Vegetable. Dim Sum for Chinese people is like magical food. It always brings many surprises to everyone. Even though, it looks similar when you eat it, you can realize its mysterious taste.


food 5-1

Happy Lunar New Year at Venice Garden

5- Venice Garden / Seafood
Address: 2800 E. 1st Ave.
Open: 8:00AM ~ 12:00AM

We held Lunar new year night that is it. Their lamb brisket in hot pot is my favorite one. I miss it so much nowadays in Taiwan. I also recommend soy sauce pork or beef, sweet sour fired fish, broccoli stir with scallop and shrimp, and Chinese pudding. I really, truly wanna eat them again.



food 5

Ice cream cake from D’oro Gelato e Caffe

6-  D’oro Gelato e Caffe / Italian Food
Address: 1222 Robson Street
Open: 7:00AM ~ 10:00PM

It sells ice cream cake. I bought one for my birthday.





food 6

Taco Tinga de Pollo (chicken) and Taco de Pescado (fish)

7- La Taqueria Pinche Taco / Mexican Food
Address: 2549 Cambie Street
Open: 11:00AM ~ 8:30PM

What wonderful tacos. Especially “Tinga de Pollo”, it means chicken in Spanish.




food 7

Delicious burger downtown Vancouver!


8- Hamburger $2.85 / American Food
Open: 11:00AM ~ 7:00PM

It’s a food truck. It’s located across Granville Street and W. Pender Street. Near Clothing shop which is named “Tip Top Tailors”. A graduated student of our school is working there. It’s so cheap, yummy, juicy and fresh. In my opinion, it’s the best burger in Vancouver.



food 8

Yummy fried chicken from La Chicken

9- La Chicken
Address: 1178 Thorpe Road
Open: 11:00AM ~ 9:00PM

My best friend, Jay, and I were crazy. We just wanna eat fried chicken. Then we went to Richmond and fried chicken is really good. Shortage is too small place to eat and we waited very very long time.



These are my favorite food in Vancouver. If you are available, go to try it. Maybe you also can find something surprise.

Have a great day.

Yours, sincerely

Dexter Tsai

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  1. arisa & Abdullatif says

    I wanted to know about nice restaurants in Vancouver. I’m most interested in Japanese restaurants “ajisai” because I am from japan I will try this one. Vancouver has many kinds of restaurants so I will challenge myself to try a lot of different foods. I think it is really interesting to try visiting different types of restaurants. I’m interested in Indian foods & I will try as soon as possible. I like how you explain about restaurants after trying every one by yourself. I enjoyed reading the part about seafood.

  2. Sho & Chia-chi says

    Hello, Dexter! I really enjoy eating Japanese food and Indian food. I am a foodie, too! Thanks for sharing!
    In particular, fragrances make me very hungry. I can’t get used to eat spicy food, but I will try to get there soon.
    It was really helpful to read this blog, because I just arrived in Vancouver for three weeks. It’s not easy to find a good restaurant. Thanks again!

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