8 Movies and TV shows to Improve Your English

Improve Your English with these 8 Great Movies and TV shows 

modern familyMorden Family

Three different types of families and their stories. They are all different ages and have different lifestyles, and stories. You can learn usual everyday English watching this TV show. Every episode is interesting, fun, easy to understand, and if you want, you can get the script online.





Princess Diaries 1 & 2Princess Diaries

Anne Hathaway’s first romantic comedy. They don’t speak too fast, or use difficult vocabulary. This story is about a high school girl who didn’t know she was actually a princess.



The Fast and the FuriousThe Fast & Furious

If you like cars and fast action, you will love these movies. However, the speaking is quicker and there is a lot of vocabulary about cars that will help you improve your English.



Mamma Mia!Mama Mia

One of the most famous musicals in the world, I think everyone knows this movie and the songs, even though they might not have seen it.


Notting HillNotting Hill

I know, this movie is an older movie, but if you want to practice listening to British & American accents, this movie is great for you. Julia Roberts is a big Hollywood star and Hugh Grant is a man who lives in Notting Hill, London. You can listen to both accents in the one movie which will help you improve your comprehension.



The InternThe Intern

Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway are the lead actors in this movie. Anne Hathaway is a successful CEO and one day her company gets a new intern. He (Robert DeNiro) is a 70-year old, retired man.




DisneyDisney Movies

When we were growing up, we watched the Disney movies in our own languages. Snow White, Little Mermaid, Toy Story, Aladdin, Lion King, Pinocchio, Frozen, etc. But now! It’s time to watch them again in English! Some of the movies are fast and have a lot of speaking, but you already known the stories, so you don’t have to worry about understanding. Just try to focus on the English and have fun!


August RushAugust Rush

A story about a boy who has a big talent for music.  Every sound he hears is like music. It’s an interesting story and focuses on the boy, so the speaking sentences are not that long and easy to understand.



The most important thing is to try not to use subtitles in your own language. Watch the movies over and over again in English. If you use subtitles, you will probably read them rather than listen to what they are saying. Try to watch without subtitles and watch again and again! The ‘again and again’ is the best way to improve your listening. Like teacher Sara says, when you watch a movie, push the pause button and try to write the five WH (who, where, when, why, how).


By Hee from Korea

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