9 things you should know about learning English at CSLI and Vancouver

This post is for future talent at CSLI. After reading the blog impartially, here’s what to know about life in Vancouver and at CSLI from a French man “in exile” for two months in Vancouver.

1 – Lose your habits to speak your native language in CSLI otherwise it will be given a yellow card

 This is the best way to change your way of thinking. To progress quickly, you must think in English, not his your native language because the translation is not always easy. So, it’s necessary to get used to think in English. So you must be talking all the time.

2 – Make a hit and win a CSLI Awards like me in the category “Best Energy” at the CSLI Oscars.

When you get involved in school life, you are rewarded! It’s a good things to show all the progress in the language. The Awards do not occur only once a year! There is also the award “Student of the Month” or “Ambassador of the Year”. These are very important because they reward your serious work.



3 – You can travel quiet in Vancouver

 If your bus doesn’t come, you can take the metro or the skytrain. They are efficient and fast way of transportation. However, as many people use the buses, they are often full especially when it’s a school day. Unfortunately, we must wait for the next, which can also be full. 


4 – Don’t forget to sign up for the activities before Tuesday, if not you’re going in “reading or writing”. That’s less fun than going to the ski resort Whistler.

Friday is a great day because you can put into practice what you have learned in the week. It should also focus on informal exchanges between students. There are about 200 students at CSLI, you cannot know them all. Friday of the activities you make relationships with new friends. But you also have the choice to deepen your knowledge on Friday with specific workshops. Here, too, you progress at your own pace.


5 – Make a trip to the French shop next to CSLI to eat baguette

 When you’re a student, you have one hour to eat. You usually have a sandwich, but nothing prevents you to taste something else, if you feel like it. Just around CSLI, you can find many restaurants or coffee shops that allow you to have a variety in your lunch with fruits or salads. Lunch in France is really important, maybe it is a little less here, but you will find delicious things to eat, especially if you’ll see Carlos who works near CSLI and makes very good salads.


6 – Talking with Iva the activities coordinator that speaks French well in the game of rhymes like: “qu’est ce qui se passe dans l’espace”

  Iva and Alexa speak French and it’s always good to have someone to help you in case you need it. Warning, they are not dictionaries ☺ although sometimes a small translation may help you to better understand the meaning of a sentence. And in cases of real need is also a useful! 

7 – Wait like everyone that fire pedestrian turns green, even if there is no car for ten minutes.

Canadians are very nice. They follow the rules we French have sometimes struggle to remember. For example, no one will cross the street if there is no car. These are the lights that control the intersections. If there are no lights, it is not uncommon for cars to stop spontaneously. It’s very nice. Canadians are very friendly.

8 – Wait for the bears to finish hibernating if you want to see one.

Of course we must arrive at the right time, but when you go to visit Whistler which is an hour from Vancouver (it was the ski resort OJ 2010), a statistic says that, you will see a bear within 800 meters. This is a very serious study. “But do not come into hibernation period.


9 – Thank warmly Canadian who always stop spontaneously to help you, just like teachers and staff CSLI 😉

Among the friendly Canadians I mentioned in 8, there is also the CSLI staff and faculty. They are all extremely attentive to your progress, your work while being very patient. Their teaching method is adapted at each student. I particularly enjoy working in groups and Warm ups that are never the same. These little games to warm up allow you to learn everything without really realizing it. The teachers are also excellent entertainers :)

Francois works in Sports Marketing in France. He has his own very well-written blog in French which a lot of you would enjoy reading.



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