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CSLI is an award-winning English language school located in the trendy district of Yaletown in downtown Vancouver. We offer a wide variety of English courses for all levels. The CSLI Curriculum is designed to balance structure and choice for the students. Our English-Only Policy and active atmosphere make learning English fun and interesting!

Since 1992, CSLI has been providing quality and professional English classes for students from more than 95 countries, connecting each and everyone to the world with English.

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Learn English While exploring Vancouver

You can explore beautiful Vancouver through CSLI's FREE Friday Activities.  A fantastic way to continue learning and practicing English outside of the classroom while enjoying the all what Vancouver and Canada has to offer.
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Diploma Programs

English for Effective Communication class Vancouver

English for Effective Communication

This class is intended to help participants improve their fluency and become confident speaking in front of a group. Whether you are responsible for teaching new skills, managing a project, leading a team or demonstrating a product, this course will develop the skills you need to feel confident using English in your professional life. Learn more >

Business English

This course is designed to improve students’ Business English vocabulary and help them gain confidence to communicate effectively in English in various business situations.... Learn more >
English Listening & Pronunciation Class Vancouver

Listening & Accent Reduction

This class helps students with accent reduction, clear speaking, and listening comprehension, and thereby improving their overall communication skills.... Learn more >

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Our global family keeps on growing!

LCI Education network acquires The Art Institute of Vancouver, adding second Vancouver campus for students seeking job-ready skills in digital arts, fashion, interior design and culinary arts. Today, the LCI Education network welcomes The Art Institute of Vancouver (AIV) to its growing family of private post-secondary institutions around the world. AIV employs experienced, industry professionals Read more…

Improve your English

8 Movies and TV shows to Improve Your English

Improve Your English with these 8 Great Movies and TV shows  Morden Family Three different types of families and their stories. They are all different ages and have different lifestyles, and stories. You can learn usual everyday English watching this TV show. Every episode is interesting, fun, easy to understand, and if you want, you can Read more…

Katie Teacher of the Month November 2016

CSLI Teacher of the Month – Katie Wong

CSLI Teacher of the Month – Katie Wong – November 2016 WHAT IS YOUR TEACHING STYLE? Like all CSLI teachers, I want to create a fun, engaging space for my students. Even on rainy mornings or afternoons when everyone is tired, I always bring as much energy as possible to class. If I’m excited about Read more…

Trampoline dodgeball

7 Things To Do on a Rainy Day in Vancouver

7 Things To Do on a Rainy Day in Vancouver   Hi friends, “winter is coming.” I know, it sounds gloooooooooomy… but it’s time to prepare for winter in Vancouver. As you know the winter in Vancouver, it rains almost every day. Welcome to Raincouver! In the summer, you are active. You go to beach and Read more…

Canoeing and kayaking: free CSLI Friday activity

CSLI’s Pride: Friday Activities

CSLI’s Pride: Friday Activities “I don’t like to go to my school… I don’t like English…” Most of people might think that studying English is very boring. Yeah, that’s right. It’s too boring to study. I was fed up with learning English as well and sometimes used to be absent from my academy in my Read more…