Award-winning English Language School

Award wining English School for 5 years

CSLI is an award-winning English language school located in the trendy district of Yaletown in downtown Vancouver. We offer a wide variety of English courses for all levels. The CSLI Curriculum is designed to balance structure and choice for the students. Our English-Only Policy and active atmosphere make learning English fun and interesting!

Since 1992, CSLI has been "Uniting the World with English" for the purpose of inspiring everyone we touch to embrace their uniqueness, fulfill their potential and enrich themselves and the world.

Our mission is CARE, SHARE, LEARN and INSPIRE.

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Learn English While exploring Vancouver

You can explore beautiful Vancouver through CSLI's FREE Friday Activities.  A fantastic way to continue learning and practicing English outside of the classroom while enjoying the all what Vancouver and Canada has to offer.
FREE Friday Activities 2015 Schedule


View photos from 2015 CSLI Boat Gruise Graduation Party

Diploma Programs

English for Effective Communication class Vancouver

English for Effective communication(EEC)

This class is intended to help participants improve their overall communication and gain confidence in public speaking. Students have numerous opportunities to practice speaking and debating, improve their pronunciation, fluency... Learn more >
    English Listening & Pronunciation Class Vancouver

    Listening & Accent Reduction

    This course helps students with accent reduction, clear speaking, and listening comprehension, and thereby improving their overall communication skills... Learn more >

    Diploma Program Schedule

    MonthDiploma ProgramDate
    September 2015IELTS Test Preparation4 weeks (Sep 08 – Oct 02)
    October 2015English for Effective Communication (EEC)4 weeks (Oct 05 – Oct 30)
    November 2015Listening & Accent Reduction4 weeks (Nov 02 – Nov 27)
    January 2016English for Effective Communication (EEC)4 weeks (Jan 04 – Jan 29)
    February 2016Business English4 weeks (Feb 08 – Feb 26)
    March 2016Listening & Accent Reduction4 weeks (Mar 07 – April 01)
    April 2016English for Effective Communication (EEC)4 weeks (Apr 04 – April 29)
    May 2016Business English4 weeks (May 02 – May 27)
    June 2016Listening & Accent Reduction4 weeks (Jun 06 – Jul 01)
    August 2016Business English4 weeks (Aug 02 – Aug 26)
    September 2016Listening & Accent Reduction4 weeks (Sep 05 – Sep 30)
    October 2016English for Effective Communication (EEC)4 weeks (Oct 03 – Oct 28)
    NovemberBusiness English4 weeks (Nov 07 – Dec 02)
    December 2016Listening & Accent Reduction4 weeks (Dec 05 – Dec 30)

    Blog Posts


    My CSLI Testimonial

    Meet the Poet: Maycon from Brazil Maycon Gomes de Souza has been studying at CSLI for 2.5 months. He has written 156 poems in Portuguese and his goal is to publish his first book before he is 30 years old. His English has improved tremendously during his stay at CSLI and we are sure that Read more…

    IELTS Preparation Class

    Successfully take the IELTS exam

    CSLI’s IELTS Exam Preparation diploma program starts on March 2, 2015. It is an 8-week program. The IELTS is meant to assess your level of English if you need to study or work in an English-speaking country. Here is what one of our teachers had to say about CSLI’s IELTS preparation course: “This eight-week intensive Read more…

    Interview with Becky, CSLI Soccer Coach

    This year we were lucky to have teacher Becky as our CSLI soccer coach at the Club ESL Soccer League! This talented group of students took us to the semifinals where they did a great job under her guidance. Hello, Coach! Can you please introduce yourself? Hi! My name is Becky. I heard you love Read more…